All Tenute Racalmare’s Products

Vineyards, olive trees, wheat and Mediterranean fruits are the family lands. We produce a red wine, the Nero d’Avola Biologico, a white wine, an organic Inzolia and an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In addition to grapes and olives we also cultivate according to biological procedures: Durum wheat, Favino, Grape, Oranges, Lemons, Nuts and aromatic herbs such as rosemary and sage.

Style and elegance, aromas and sensations, strong aromas, great flavor, immense freshness all gifts of our land.

Oil and olive grove

In Caves nature has been generous giving us an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of the olive tree. The harvesting of the olives, called BRUCATURA, takes place manually: the olives are in fact burned (detached) manually and carefully directly from the plants starting first from the tops, and laid in boxes to ensure their integrity and finally stored in cold storage.

The harvesting period is noticeably contained during the months of October and November because at this time of the year the maximum quantity of “collectible” oil is not present on the plant, but the highest quality level is guaranteed. The extraction method takes place by continuous cold cycle.

The oil, obtained, has unique characteristics of great value: intense color, spicy flavor with fruity nuances and very low acidity, capable of remaining unaltered over time. Our oil is stored in stainless steel tanks protected from light and heat until sold, to ensure ideal conditions of protection against oxidative processes, responsible for rancidity.


Ours is particularly rich in proteins and has better nutritional values than the most common modern wheat varieties.

In organic farming every feature of this variety is enhanced.

The choice of sowing is always done according to a conscious agriculture and turned to organic, most of the seeds are of corporate production.

Field bean

The Field Bean is grown according to the methods of organic farming in fresh and loose soil and is intended for the packaging or preparation of flour for zootechnical use.


Our oranges are grown in Grotte (AG) with organic production methods.

Our orange groves grow with the help of appropriate agronomic practices (green manure, burial of pruning residues, natural fertilizer, etc.) in respect of biodiversity and the whole ecosystem.

Organic oranges are an excellent source of vitamins, primarily Vitamin C and A: in fact, to meet the daily needs of Vitamin C it is sufficient to consume two a day.


The philosophy of the Tenute Racalmare farm aims at 100% natural production and marketing: all the lemons have matured under the sun, without resorting to genetic forcing: the only fertilizers and pesticides used are those that are found in nature completely compatible with the natural cycle of plants.


Walnuts are those types of fruit that, through a natural drying process (in the sun), are deprived of most of the water. The company produces and sells organic walnuts: of very valuable varieties with a thin shell and a high yield of kernel.

The nuts are sold loose with different calibers.



Rosemary is one of the most fragrant and resistant aromatic plants.

Being dry, sandy and stony places its natural habitat, it prefers dry and alkaline soils. Rosemary loves the sun and the heat, so our crops, managed in compliance with the organic certification, are located in very sunny places and protected in winter by the cold wind.

Sage. Tenute Racalmare farm stands at 700 meters above sea level, in the uncontaminated environment of Contrada Racalmare in the countryside of Grotte (AG) in Sicily.

The climate of high hills, the purity of the air, the quality of the land and water, make this territory the ideal place for the cultivation of products that are the symbol of agriculture of excellence in Sicily.

In the Costanza family the passion for agriculture has been handed down from father to son, giving life to a company that first produced mainly wine, oil and cereals, but which for some years has been innovating and expanding its productions with the rediscovery of more characteristic aromatic plants of the Mediterranean such as sage and rosemary.