Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic

In our place, Grotte, nature has been generous giving us an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of the olive tree. The harvesting of the olives, called BRUCATURA, takes place manually: the olives are in fact burned (detached) manually and carefully directly from the plants starting first from the tops, and laid in boxes to ensure their integrity and finally stored in cold storage.

The harvesting period is noticeably contained during the months of October and November because at this time of the year the maximum quantity of “collectible” oil is not present on the plant, but the highest quality level is guaranteed. The extraction method takes place by continuous cold cycle.

The oil, obtained, has unique characteristics of great value: intense color, spicy flavor with fruity nuances and very low acidity, capable of remaining unaltered over time. Our oil is stored in stainless steel tanks protected from light and heat until sold, to ensure ideal conditions of protection against oxidative processes, responsible for rancidity.

Data sheet:

Cultivar: Nocellara 75% / Biancolilla 25%

Geographical area: Agrigento, Sicily, Italy

Provenance: from own olive groves

Altitude: 450 meters s.l.m.

Method of collection: manual harvesting

Extraction method: cold continuous cycle

Frangitura: disks

Appearance: unfiltered, natural decantation

Color: golden yellow with green reflections

Aroma: artichoke and tomato, with herbal tones

Taste: fruity, spicy, with light notes of bitter and spicy

Fruity: medium

Suggested use: vegetables, white meats, tuna, swordfish and bluefish, red meats, legumes and salads

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