Tenute Racalmare’s Wines

The Tenute Racalmare is a young entrepreneurial project that saw Ignazio, the last of four generations of winemakers, start a productive activity based on the enhancement of the family vineyards with a modern vision of the family tradition.

The company is located in central southern Sicily in Grotte, a small town where landscapes of high hills and the proximity of the sea offer favorable climatic conditions for a quality viticulture. Only native vines are grown here by the Tenute Racalmare company: Nero d’Avola and Inzolia, both reared on family land using espalier methods.

The vineyards have steep slopes, the soil is calcareous (from which the name of our white Carcari wine derives), rich in minerals and organic substances and the thermal excursions of the area are contained between 10 and 15 °.

Every day the small plots of land are cared for and cultivated with great respect for nature and with sustainability criteria. In fact we chose to adopt the Organic Agriculture method to combine the protection of our environment and the production of a healthier and genuine wine.

Ignazio Costanza directly manages the biological management of the farm and welcomes visitors to the winery who have chosen to visit the places of production and taste the various products of the winery.

Il Rosso DOC

Il Rosso IGT

Il Rosso DOC

Il Bianco IGT

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